The fashion designer

Grace Gely is the quality of a woman to move in a smooth and attractive way inside an urban city vibe, and belongs to the new era of Greek fashion designers, by launching limited, concept collections of unique apparels.

After graduating from the faculty of Greek Philology of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, she decided to pursue her dream she had since she was a little girl, to become a fashion designer. She studied “Fashion Design” in Athens and completed her courses in 2012. Her brand was founded in 2014, when she created her first complete summer collection.

Inspired by everyday life in the city, she captures urban elements in her creations, sending you vibes from contemporary cities, characterized by minimalistic aesthetics, clear lines and dominant elements of romantic details. Monochromy rules and reflects the character of every woman!

Based in the heart of Greece, the brand has already selected to be part of exclusive concept stores and showrooms, now branching out worldwide. Each limited collection leads a concept with the finest fabrics in an affordable luxury.


The dream

Dedicated to minimalism, her aesthetics is all about “effortless” chic mood, enriched with romantic elements.

Focusing on clear lines in her draws and all-day pieces, she creates collections in monochrome pallets, using unique quality materials, lightweight fabrics, while paying particular attention to the details.

In most of her collections, Grace is inspired by what she, and the women around her, would like to wear. She loves loose lines and non-pretentious look. With minimalism in the forefront, she creates outfits that can be easily worn and emphasize the beautiful parts of a woman’s body.

Supporting the statement that style is timeless, unlike fashion which is transient, she desires to create pieces that can be loved and worn by every girl who wants to express her personality in an alternative way!

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