Calypso Polymorphic Maxi Dress


Undeniably appealing and an instant eye grabber, the Calypso Polymorphic Dress was made to make you feel irresistible. Designed on a light-weight elastic fabric, this maxi dress gives you the opportunity to wrap the front ties on your body with many different ways. One dress with plenty possibilities define a gorgeous result of an effortless and elegant look. A must-have piece for your wardrobe and an excellent choice for weddings and summer formal occasions.

Handmade in Greece

  • 100% Polyester
  • Deep front neckline
  • Stretch waist
  • Backess cut
  • Adjustable tie back string straps
  • Polymorphic
  • Back hidden zipper closure
  • Loose Fit
  • 30°C machine wash

Additional information


One size


Fuchsia, Black, Cinnamon Red, Emerald Green, Gold, Purple, Red

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