Chloe Pleated Playsuit


Introducing Chloe Playsuit, the perfect outfit to embrace the all-in-one girly look. Designed on a fine pleated fabric, this playsuit, features elastic waist, low cut on the back, lace strap detailing, and requires minimal effort! This piece is not only easy for a morning appearance but also for your evening summer wanders!

Handmade in Greece

  • 100% Polyester
  • Pleated fabric
  • Stretch waist
  • Lace straps
  • Backless
  • 30°C Machine wash


The romantic tale of a young boy named Daphnis and a girl named Chloe who are abandoned by their parents and raised by shepherds on the Greek island of Lesbos. The two meet and gradually fall in love as they grow up. After various trials, including Daphnis’ capture by pirates, they are reunited with their families and get married.

Her name means green foliage! Brave and full of passion beyond her age. A free spirit that will stay young forever in a Grecian backless, pleated playsuit with a detail of braids.

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One Size


Black, Pink, Sand

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